Massage Therapists

Shi Huang


Born and raised in the culturally rich city of Foshan, China, often referred to as the "buddha mountain," Shi embarked on a journey that eventually led him to becoming a passionate and skilled massage therapist in the United States.  At the age of 18, he left behind his familiar surroundings in Foshan and set forth to the United States with his family. As a first-generation immigrant with limited knowledge of American culture, He made the decision to enlist in the U.S. Army. This path not only provided him with an education in laboratory science but also instilled in him the values of education and resilience. 

After completing his military service, he made a shift in his career trajectory to become a massage therapist. His journey in the field of massage therapy began with a deep fascination for holistic well-being and the transformative power of touch. Shi honed his craft through rigorous training and hands-on experience, gaining expertise in a variety of massage techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue,  Thai, Acupressure, Lomi Lomi, Reiki, and trigger point therapy. With over 8 years of dedicated practice in the art of massage therapy, he’s committed to continued learning ensures that he provides clients with the most effective and personalized therapeutic experiences. His approach is centered on creating a tranquil and nurturing environment where clients can relax and heal.  

Quote: "The only real valuable thing is intuition.”




Yael Kutler

Originally from Israel, Yael has dedicated herself to the practice of yoga since discovering its healing benefits in 1996. From a young age Yael was  fascinated by spiritual teachings and mind body connection.

In her early twenties, living in Tel Aviv, Yael graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences. She soon afterward discovered yoga and Vipassana meditation and found new meaning and fulfillment in these studies. In 1999, wishing to explore these disciplines at a deeper level, she began to regularly travel to India.

In 2001, in one of her visits to India, she met fellow traveler and yoga instructor Kevin Kutler, originally from San Diego, California, who would later become her husband of 12 years. They traveled the world together, leading diverse classes and workshops, as well as co-managing the Yoga and Bodywork Center in Stardust Beach Hotel, Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka, a global surfing spot.

Yael is  E-RYT200 hour yoga instructor, a certified Thai Yoga Bodywork therapist and Medical Nutrition advisor.

Over the past two decades, Yael has lived and worked primarily in India and Sri Lanka, as well as on and off in California.  She has continued exploring a blend of yoga traditions from the East & West, creatively combining yoga styles including Classical Hatha, Power yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar yoga, Acu-yoga, Jivamukti yoga among others.

Recognized for her unique and inspiring teaching style, Yael fuses mindfulness, breath awareness, detailed attention to alignments and hands-on assistance in Asanas. 

In California, Yael studied with Brian Kest, Michael Fukumura, Annie Carpenter, Lisa Walford, Travis Eliot and many other talented teachers. While living in India, she has studied with many renowned  teachers. Some of her most favorite and influential teachers were senior Iyengar teachers including Ian Louise, Navaz Kamdin, Richard Schachtel and Sri Arunji. 

She did her teacher training with Richard Schachtel, Director of the Center for Yoga, in Seattle, Washington ( RYS-500 ), as well as Acu-Yoga teacher training with Gregory Dunn, senior yoga teacher trainer at My Health yoga school, Australia. She also holds  several Acupressure Massage Therapy and Acupuncture diplomas

Quote: "Keep coming back again and again into the present moment." 




Ted Parker

Ted was born in the state of New Mexico, USA and was raised in Los Angeles California. He has made a living doing clinical neuromuscular therapeutic massage in California and the far east for the past 16 years. 

Ted has extensive experience in outpatient clinical settings like urgent care, internal medicine, general surgery, ortho/podiatry, chiropracty and physical therapy acquired over a 17 year medical assisting career. Ted applies his knowledge of diagnostic reasoning and physical assessment to accurately identify the cause of the clients imbalances, dysfunctions and limitations, if any. 

He uses tried and true therapeutic techniques over a myofascial meridian road map to correct muscular tension imbalances like hip rotations, (uneven leg length), rib subluxations, (upper back pain radiating to neck, arm and back), straight neck (military/tech neck), twisted neck (wry neck) as well as all other aches and pain acquired by living ones life. 

Book with Ted to get relief from your nagging aches and pains. The longer you have had an imbalance the more sessions are required to achieve lasting relief. In a perfect world, 5 to 7 one hour treatments in rapid succession provide an overall positive transformation. Posture, gait, sleep  are all improved; head, neck and shoulders are balanced and even, hips and legs are balanced and scoliosis is reduced if not resolved, depending on the severity. The more frequent your sessions, the bigger your permanent gains. 

Quote: "Let it go!" 



Nazra Peterson


Nazra is an Energy Healer, Life Coach, Massage & Raindrop Therapist, in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. She began her mobile business practice in 2020, at the height of the pandemic.  Knowing how much people were still in desperate need for healing touch, she fearlessly walked into people's homes and led them into a beautiful holistic practice on touching, integrating breathwork, meditation, essential oils, CBD, and coconut oil.  

Nazra was raised in South Carolina, in a land far away from holistic organic food.  Starting out practicing massage on her mom who was always working two jobs, little did she know, she actually possessed a great healing gift in her energy and hands.  Psychology was her first passion and understanding why people are who they are, what makes them do the things that they do, led her to understanding the heart, mind and body connection.   A huge proponent of neuroscience, she has dedicated years of her life to listening to the likes of Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Andrew Huberman and others  who can deepen her understanding.

Nazra's clients have  shared their countless experiences with her of emotional release, feeling like they were levitating, out of body experiences, flashbacks of past traumas where they could feel themselves healing trauma that was unknowingly stuck in the body, alleviating insomnia, overcoming feelings of sickness and increased mobility without the constant use of a cane. 

Quote:  "Self-care is not luxury--it's necessity, maintenance and reverence for this body that is responsible for carrying you throughout the rest of your life."





Lydia Roberts

Lydia has been immersed in the practice of yoga since early childhood. Born in Utah and raised in Colorado and Georgia by a mother who has taught yoga for over 20 years, she felt drawn to the practice at a young age. In 2019, she completed her first 200 hour teacher training at Sivananda  Ashram in the Bahamas. There, she deepened her understanding of the spiritual and philosophical aspects of yoga and fell in love with the way these ancient tools synthesized body, mind and spirit and brought her into a feeling of harmony.

Eager to expand her knowledge, she began bodywork training at the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2020. When the pandemic disrupted the program and halted the course, she called upon the equanimity she had cultivated in her practice to gather resilience and patiently wait until she could return and complete her certification in 2021.

Upon completion, Lydia moved to the sunny West Coast and took a job on Catalina Island as a massage therapist. She feels at home in the California sunshine and is fueled by the flow of fresh air,  moving water, bright days and the infinite possibility that daily yoga practice and self-care create in her life. Her greatest joy is to share the gifts of wellness with others. 

Quote: "As you think, so you become."





Terry Solis

Terry has been practicing massage therapy for more than seven years. He received his education in massage therapy and a degree in occupational science at WellSpring School of Allied Health in Kansas City, MO. After gaining experience in his field, he went on to open a successful practice of five years where he received four nominations for “best massage therapist in Kansas City”. He later gave his practice to a trusted colleague in pursuit of greater professional and personal growth in LA.


As a practice, massage therapy has been the greatest work that Terry has done with his life. The ability to connect with people in such a vulnerable way has opened up many paths to healing for both his clients as well as himself. Terry is also a CrossFit coach, which created an opportunity to work with athletes from multiple backgrounds that were dealing with physical injuries both recent and from years prior. Through this, he has gained a lot of experience in pain management, injury prevention, myofascial release techniques, medical/ clinical based massage, and more. One of Terry’s greatest strengths is his intuition, and with that comes a natural affinity for energy work. Terry’s philosophy is, "massage therapy is more than a physical experience, it is mental and emotional as well".

Terry’s approach to each person that he gets to work with is to create a personal connection, check in on their mental and emotional wellbeing to see how that might be affecting their physical condition, and decompressing their sympathetic nervous system response to get them out of their “fight or flight” state and more into their bodies. It’s a nurturing blend of clinical and energy based massage for the sole purpose of healing.

Quote: “Vulnerability is essential for true healing.”



PJ Terrazas


Born and raised in Los Angeles County, PJ developed a passion for sports and the science of the human body at a young age.  After playing competitive basketball his entire life until he graduated high school, he knew he wanted to pursue a career that would allow him to stay immersed in the world of fitness and human anatomy. This would drive PJ to pursue a degree in Kinesiology, which can be defined as the study of human body movement. 
In December 2019, PJ graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, with an emphasis in Clinical Movement Science. Wanting to maximize his time learning in college, he graduated with a Magna Cum Laude distinction from California State University, Fullerton while also becoming a member of the Phi Kappa Phi national honor society. This educational background would serve as a perfect transition into a massage therapy career.
After considering going to a graduate program to become a physician assistant, PJ decided to become a massage therapist. He viewed his kinesiology degree as a huge advantage in a field that was centered on the human body, athletic performance and recovery. Now with over 2 years of experience as a massage therapist, including a position at one of the top day spas in Hollywood, he is eager to continue growing his practice at Shiva. Book with PJ for an anatomically specific bodywork experience that will correct range of motion issues and reduce tension from breaking down painful knots in the body.
Quote: "Your body is a temple, but only if you treat it as one."