Jill Madison MS RD CLC is an integrative and functionally minded dietitian/nutritionist.  Clinical passions and specialty niche includes food allergy and gastrointestinal intolerances/sensitivities, culinary and botanical medicine, breastfeeding and sports nutrition over her career of 10 years. Jill is very grateful to witness how nutrition therapy can improve lives of her own family as well as patients in her practice, thus she strives to share her balanced food centered health message with others.  Academics training includes a master’s degree in clinical nutrition at Bastyr University, bachelor’s degrees in both wildlife biology and visual art.  Her diverse interests are reflected with certifications in food allergy management (AND), therapeutic food planning (IFM), herbalism (East West, Chestnut School), is a Certified Lactation Counselor and Registered Yoga Teacher (200), currently pursuing a RH (Registered Herbalist) designation, and has a dedicated breath practice inspired by pranayama and modern neuroscience. Jill is honored to share time on this beautiful planet with its people, plants, animals – walking lightly, in hopes of sharing knowledge and supporting others in their journey to nourished health. 


Quote: "Let's find strength in our collective potential, support others, protect and scaffold your communities, and tread lightly while exploring this beautiful world. "


Gabriella Shamooelian is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a Bachelors of Science in Biopsychology. She is passionate about all elements of health and wellness, namely nutrition, gut health, women’s health, and healthy living. Gabriella works exclusively with women looking to meet their health goals in a sustainable non-diet lifestyle method. 

While practicing on the basis of bio individuality which honors that each persons plate will look different, Gabriella maintains the basics of optimal nutrition by focusing on real whole foods and “crowding out.” She has developed quick swaps and helpful tips to make healthy eating easier and fun.” Gabriella considers a person and their health holistically, including the concept of primary food equally in her practice. Primary food entails our movement, relationships, sleep, spirituality, career/school and related stress, and self care, essentially all the elements of a person life which contribute to their health and happiness. 

Gabriella is a strong asset in attaining one’s personal health goals, including more energy, better digestion, less fatigue, improved skin, weight loss, balanced hormones, and more. Gabriella’s friendly demeanor, individualized plans, and accountability help clients achieve their happiest and healthiest versions of themselves.

Gabriella can be found in the kitchen or a grocery store coming up with new recipes, on a walk with her husband, or learning new languages - she speaks 5 languages and counting!


IG/FB: gettinghealthywithgabby

Quote - Feeling healthy and feeling good about yourself is not a luxury – it’s an absolute necessity."